Well, this is Kevin (husband) writing for Becky today.  She’s headed off for RAGBRAI again this year.  She and Toni left at noon today to make their way to the east side of Iowa.  With all the things revolving around the start of Berger Audiology, she hasn’t gotten nearly as much training in as usual, so we’re hoping she makes it.  She’s pretty stubborn, so she’ll probably have to be pulled off the bike before she gives up.

I generally do email updates.  If you want to be on the email list, let me know.

Berger Audiology LLC Logo

Well, we’ve decided on a logo for Berger Audiology LLC.  The first mock up is to the right.  (I know it’s kind of small, but hopefully you can click on it and blow it up larger.)  We’re in the process of getting signage for the new location.  Lots to learn and lots of details involved with setting up a new business!  That along with training for my regular RAGBRAI excursion.  Let me know what you think about the logo.  We’re pretty pleased about it as a starting point.

On My Own!

1214151603Hey all!  It’s time for a life-changing event.  I’ve worked as an audiologist at The Hearing Clinic, under Otorhinolaryngology, Inc. for over 25 years.  (Both of those entities are now under Allied Physicians of Michiana, also known as APOM.)  This Spring I   decided to go out on my own and started Berger Audiology, LLC.  I had always hoped to convince The Hearing Clinic to expand their services in Plymouth, but they never saw the potential that I did.  The parting was as amicable as these things can be.  I’m in the process of finding a location for my new practice, purchasing equipment, developing a logo, developing a website and all the other fun things that go along with starting a new business.

So this is my first blog post – another new thing.  I will try and put some useful information here as well as news about the business.  I am also going to try and keep up with a twitter account, so you can find me there at www.twitter.com/BergerAud15

I look forward to seeing my former patients in my new location and I hope the expanded hours in Plymouth will provide opportunities for new patients too.