2017 Senior Expo Follow-up

Berger Audiology Booth at the Marshall County Senior Expo

Thank you to all of you that stopped to see us at the Marshall County Senior Expo this year. The venue was a bit warm considering our September heatwave, but overall we heard good things. We were pleased to meet new people and in some cases put faces to names. We’re always pleased by the reception we receive at community service events such as this.

Screening Station

For those of you that couldn’t attend, we had several give-aways. (The golf balls we collect and share are always popular along with the candy and hearing related items.)

We were given space to do hearing screenings this year too. Lots of people took advantage of that. We hope they will benefit from the information. As discussed here before, this isn’t a true hearing test and isn’t near the quality of what we can do in the sound booth at Berger Audiology. Please feel free to stop by and check out our tech! But if you want a true hearing test, we ask that you make an appointment. The courtesy of an appointment makes it much more likely that you can be seen and given the appropriate time and attention.

Thank you again to all of you that visited with us. We hope you were pleased with the interaction and attention you received.

Solar Eclipse

As the hype grows, I’ve been thinking about the solar eclipse today. Thanks to Waffle House, I found this handy map (see right) in case you want your eclipse viewing “Smothered & Covered”. I heard on the radio that Krispy Kreme was planning competing events. Chocolate Glaze! Unfortunately, Indiana will be mostly bypassed for the total eclipse. We’ll only get a side view, but that’s still something like 85% coverage.. That should still be cool and weather permitting, I’m sure I’ll step out side to check it out.

Picture of Sanford Stadium from ajc.com article

My friends around Atlanta are planning parties and events. Any excuse for a party and a day off work, right? The University of Georgia is planning a party in Sanford Stadium. (Article here) Do you tailgate for an eclipse? Knowing the Bulldogs (and I’m a UGA graduate, so I know of what I speak), the answer to that will be a resounding YES, Y’ALL!

Nest Thermostat asking to activate their eclipse rush hour savings

One of the other interesting tie-ins I saw was with the Nest thermostats. I chose to install one in my home. So far I’ve been pleased. More than similar devices, I have observed Nest really trying to make the green connection and not just personal energy cost savings. They send out a report on how many “leafs” you earn each month for energy savings along with a comparison to other Nest owners. There is a running total on their website showing their estimate of how many Kwh of energy that has been saved by their devices.

The tie-in to the eclipse is that in their blog, Nest repeats a report that suggests the solar eclipse, as it blocks out solar panels, will reduce green energy production by as much as 9,000 MW resulting in traditional systems coming back on line to pick up the slack. “At Nest, we think of these high-demand times on the energy grid as rush hours.” They suggest that if you opt in, their thermostats will automatically cool your home a little extra before the event so that it can reduce the load during the event. Personally I think that’s as much marketing as an actual need, but it’s still an interesting concept and it’s another reminder of how the Internet of Things continues to find new ways to work for us.

Maybe I’ll see you out in the semi-darkness today. I didn’t accept the invitation to go to Atlanta and get the full effect… <sigh> Looks like it’s going to be rainy/cloudy there anyway.

While I doubt this will be any kind of life changing event, it is one of those cool and rare physical phenomenons of which we should all take advantage. Hopefully for most of us it’s not literally a once-in-a-lifetime event, but it is pretty rare… And unlike most astronomical events, you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to see it! Bonus!

Excerpted with permission from the Easterday Construction Blog

Make Marshall County Match Madness Stellar for Culver

When you donate to eligible endowment funds at the Marshall County Community Foundation on Thursday, May 25, 10% will be added to your gift! Do you need more reasons to donate? Here are mine…

I became a MCCF board member because I see the transformational work the MCCF accomplishes and knew some of the important community leaders that had served before me. Leaders such as Richard Ford, John Zeglis, Carolyn Kline and Barbara Winters. The privilege of working with them or following in their footsteps has been an honor. I strive to do justice to them.

I serve on the MCCF grants committee where I see how unrestricted funds are used to support causes in the community. Through this I’ve learned about many of the good people and organizations throughout our county that make a difference. I’ve been able to support fledgling groups like the Culver Community High School Archery Club and Culver Main Street get off the ground, and helped the Culver Boys and Girls Club and the Lake Maxinkuckee Environmental Council expand their mission. Do you love the West Pavilion on Lake Maxinkuckee? A MCCF grant helped restore that Culver treasure!

I also serve on the MCCF investment committee where I see the time, effort and careful consideration that goes into marshaling the Foundation’s funds to do the most good while keeping an eye on the conservation of their value.

I became a MCCF contributor for various reasons. I have given to the unrestricted fund to help support those groups that come before the grants committee. I have donated to dedicated funds that support causes with missions I believe in, such as Hospice and Habitat for Humanity. And finally, I have contributed to remember and honor friends. I served on the Culver Chamber of Commerce board of directors for over a decade and lost two friends who were fellow board members during that time. For that reason I have contributed to honor the memory of those friends, Ron Tusing and Marianne Ransdell, both of which have memorial funds that give scholarships to CCHS students.

For those of you familiar with Marshall County Community Foundation, you’ll see Marshall County Match Madness as an opportunity to make your charitable donation go further. For those of you unfamiliar with the Foundation, get to know them!

On Thursday, May 25, make sure to donate at: www.marshallcountycf.org and 10% will be added to your gift. Or, you can go to the Community Resource Center at 510 West Adams Street, Plymouth, and talk to nonprofits and MCCF staff and ask any questions you may have.

Remember, Marshall County Match Madness is on May 25. Let’s make this a stellar day for Culver!

Kevin L. Berger

MCCF Board Member

  • Reprinted with permission from the Easterday Construction Blog.

Ribbon Cutting Anniversary

It was one year ago yesterday that everyone came out to cut the ribbon and help me with the official opening of Berger Audiology LLC. I still appreciate the help of the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce in putting the event together. Having Mayor Senter there and coverage from The Pilot News and WTCA was valuable. It also meant a lot for Dr. Brooks and Dr. Kletzing to come. They were there at the start of my audiology career and having them at the start of this new venture was touching.

Here’s to another year. Today won’t be celebrated in nearly as auspicious a manor, but I continue to appreciate everyone’s support.

Berger Audiology at 2016 Senior Expo

Come visit our booth at the Senior Expo tomorrow. Make sure you note the new location at The Zone at 2923 VanVactor Drive in Plymouth. This is just around the corner from our office at 2930 Miller Drive. Don’t forget that it’s also Election Day. Remember, there’s no such thing as not voting.

This year Dr. Berger will be on site with a video otoscope as well as other portable testing equipment. Be sure and ask her why she became an Audiologist and why seeing a Doctor of Audiology is important. Ask her about the sound booth in her office and the additional testing she can do there.

Happy Anniversary!

Well, it’s been one year since I officially opened the doors to the public for Berger Audiology. There’s been a lot to learn and the business side of things has been more challenging than I expected.  I’m still excited to be here. Thanks to all of you that have come out to support me.