RAGBRAI ’17 – Friday Update

Getting our Protein and Veggies

I didn’t hear much from Becky yesterday. She said they finally found the hills, but that has led to poor reception. It can’t help to have 10,000 other people around you trying to get service at the same time. She only sent one picture which I posted. Even at the end of the day in the larger town, she couldn’t get service to call.

She did say that she and Toni were having fun yesterday. She’s been having issues with her lips being windburned/sunburned. You can kind of see that in the picture from yesterday and the firefighter one from today. She said she would try and do better and send more. I’ll tweet them out as I get them.

Toni and I playing water ball with the hunky firefighters.

Today she’s been playing water ball with “hunky firefighters” and she just topped out at 42.2 mph going down one of the hills. The climb up the other side doesn’t sound like much fun…

Just had a huge downhill at 42.2 mph. It was awesome! Not looking forward to going back up the other side.

Rope Swing for cooling off

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