RAGBRAI ’17 – The End

Someone spent A LOT of time on this cool arch.

Becky and Toni wrapped up yesterday and hit the road for home about 5. The drive back to Plymouth was 6+ hours to they were pretty wiped out when they got home a little after 11. They had a lot of issues getting out of the ending town. Apparently the End-of-Ride Festival had a lot of the streets shut down, so getting from the ending point, to the parking area, back to pick up the bikes and then getting out of town was difficult. It added time when they were already tired. They had decided they wanted something to eat, but that didn’t work out and they ended up just buying gas station snacks for the way home. Oh, and a Culver’s Concrete Mixer…

Exciting and sometimes scary with all the people on the slopes

Becky said the last day was tough, but fun, with switchbacks up and down though lots of small mountains. There are some pictures at the end of the post, but it’s hard to capture the scope and scale of the slopes. She saw several accidents and possibly one fatality.

She was frustrated on the one hill. There was someone in front of her going slow who stopped suddenly. Becky was going slow also and was right behind him, so was forced to stop. She couldn’t get enough momentum to get her bike going again, so she had to walk the rest of the hill.

Lots of people decorate their bikes

She said the Iowa Dairy Queen was out passing out milk. She usually stops for that, but since the beer tent was just past that, she decided to pass. For some reason didn’t she think beer and milk together would be the best choice when she was hot. The towns all have different things going on, so the wall that she signed and the bicycle arch pictures are just a couple of the things she saw. She says there is a lot of cool stuff out there.

Beer with 200 of my closest friends yesterday.

Apparently the craft beer tent is always popular. (Imagine That!) They have a drink ticket program where if you get it stamped enough times during the week, you get a T-shirt. Becky and Toni only stopped a couple of times, so they weren’t in the running for a shirt.

Becky always talks about the showers and when they get good ones, and how sometimes they aren’t so great. Apparently some people just avoid them! She said by the end of the week, there are some pretty stinky people! Standing in line with them is an added challenge. Ha!

She didn’t want to take my number…

I think that about wraps things up. Thanks for following.

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