RAGBRAI ’19 Ends

Last RAGBRAI ’19 beer stop. The hat was a necessity.

We didn’t get  to my house until 2:20 am Sunday morning. Toni still had to load up and head home, so she had another half hour to go. Her husband Chip came over and spent the evening, so he could drive her home.

Friday was a decent day, but Saturday was just mean! Ha! Not only was it a longer day than usual for a last day, the last 25 miles was nothing but hills… many of them big hills… There was one particularly bad one that just seemed to keep going around switchbacks and then at the end, the last 100 feet were at about a 45 degree angle!!!

Apparently Iowa raccoons have drinking problems. I saw quite a few of these.

The last couple of years the baggage truck was at the dip site. (The tradition is to dip your tire in the Mississippi at the end of the trip to signify you were all the way across the state. There is a starting dip site too.) We missed the sign that said the truck was at the high school. I’d made a judgement error and packed the keys to the Jeep in my baggage, so we had to ride back up from the river (it was a lot lower than the rest of the Keokuk) and find the baggage truck. We got the bags, got the keys and Toni watched the bags while I rode to Long Term Parking to get the Jeep and come back for Toni. That added another 45 minutes of messing around before we could leave.

Bike tower in Denmark

We were tired and obviously not that organized. We stopped at a fast food stop bathroom to clean up some and change clothes. Unfortunately we both forgot to separate out things we needed. Our husbands encouraged us to either camp for the night or get a room since it was so late, but we just wanted to get home. That made it a 22hr day, which would have been rough WITHOUT the bike ride part of it. Adding to that, Friday night was not good for me and I only got about 3 hours of sleep. Not sure what my issue was, but I got to bed in plenty of time and then just lay awake. Toni doesn’t like to drive on the highway, so I drove all the way. Fortunately she likes to chatter, so between that an a 5 hour energy drink, we made it without incident.

Pickle Club Sandwich for lunch – Pickles are supposed to be good for tired legs…

Despite the copious quantities of sunscreen, we both ended up adding to our sketchy bicycling farmer’s tans. We also ended up with some sun rash too. It was itchy and quickly got sore if scratched. I don’t know if you can tell the difference in the picture at the top or not. It really shows up on my shoulders. I take benadryl at bedtime each night, so that probably saved me issues.

I ended up with only 6 beer stops, so I didn’t get a T-shirt. The beer stops did make for welcome breaks. A few times it was hard not to just lay down and take a nap though. I was afraid if I did that, I might not wake up until the ride was over!

I slept to about 10 on Sunday morning. I didn’t do anything too ambitious yesterday. I’ve  lots of sore muscles and it will take a bit to recover.

This was the view of the river in Montrose with 10 miles to go.

Back to work today! Murphy was glad to see me, but probably not so much this morning when I dropped him at the vet. He was due for his annual check up, plus grooming and nail trims. He’s not fond of the vet, so he may not be that pleased that I came home to subject him to that!

I hope you enjoyed following along. I’m already making plans for next year.

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