RAGBRAI ’19 Tuesday Morning

Sunday, the first day of the ride, was miserable. It rained during the night, Saturday night, and we had to pack up our wet things in the rain in the morning. It really cooled off so I was cold most of the night. Then we immediately got wet as we were packing up to go. It rained most of the day, so we were cold both on and off the bike. I felt bad for all of the ice cream vendors and other people who had cold foods and drinks. They were all geared up due to the heat last week and Sunday, all anyone wanted was warm food. Toni and I were really dreading the heat, particularly after sweating to death Friday night and most of the day Saturday, but I guess this is a case of being careful what you wish for! We definitely got a break in the heat!!!

Egg on a stick with beef on a stick. They need to figure out egg on a beef stick!

I generally don’t take a jacket riding due to the bulk, but I kind of wished I had. Toni did ride with a jacket, but she said she was sweating in it a lot of the time. I was cold when riding and freezing when stopped. Sunday was a tough 57 mile day. It remained cold overnight, but I was able to find a place to buy a new air mattress though, so I slept better. We ate at a Spaghetti supper at one of the Church fundraisers. $12 for all you could eat. $15 with pie (Toni Ha!). Ran into a chatty guy that wouldn’t leave us alone.

We tried to hang out our wet things to dry at the camp, but it continued to sprinkle and mist, so that wasn’t too effective. I was using the day’s dirty socks to sponge up and remove the water puddles in my tent..

Trying to cross the street with a crush of bicycles going by…

Monday was a better day, but longer. 70 miles, but then the directions were poor at the end and I rode past the camp site and back for another 6 miles. I was not a happy camper! Literally! I stopped and asked for directions and the woman I spoke to said that was happening a lot… and then proceeded to give me wrong directions!

The wind averaged 14 mph against us all day, so that added some effort. I was fine into the afternoon, but the last quarter was tough. We were fairly late getting in and by the time we got showers, we were too pooped to go to town for supper. We got walking tacos from the Ranchers and Cattleman’s Association at the fair grounds where we were camping.

People were not honoring the lights out at nine rule, so it was a tough night. People were still setting off fireworks at the campground after 10 and I could hear the “Here Come The Mummies” concert from town. They sounded pretty good, but I was too tired to want to go stand and listen. That and camping by the road under a street light (only choice) made for a restless night, despite being tired.

It’s interesting what vendors are here every year and which disappear. We ate at Mr. Porkchop yesterday. They had a beer vendor at their stop this year. They have one bus with beer taps on the side,  and a second bus (painted pink to look like a pig) full of corn cobs which they use to fuel their grills. They are always well organized and they have good food. We usually stop there a couple of times each year.

Iowa Beer Bus

We’ve visited Backpocket Brewing‘s tent a few times. They have a cocoa stout we like. It’s a good, friendly place to take a break. I have the wrist band to get a T-shirt, but you have to hit 10 of their 14 locations and I doubt I’m up to that.

I did find more interesting things to take pictures of as you can see here. This sounds a bit down, but I was mostly upbeat through the day. There were some girls at the showers that harassed me (beating on the shower door and making rude comments when I left) and that had me down last night. I may have returned the sarcasm a bit when I was leaving. Ha!

Mr. Porkchop Grills

We were up and on the road a little after 6 this morning.  Today is only a 40 mile day, so that should be a little easier.

Mr. Porkchop Grill loaded up!


Mr. Porkchop Corn Cob Bus

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