RAGBRAI ’19 Wed/Thurs

The camera never captures the perspective… These are some rolling hills!

Wednesday was a rough day. We got our usual early start, but it was an 87 mile long day with lots of hills. Toni was already walking hills yesterday morning. She calls it, “Getting in my cross-training.”

We managed to finish without having to SAG, but we got in late. Toward the end, the sanctioned stops were starting to close on us, so we had to stop and buy water at convenience stores. We didn’t get in until after 7:00pm and we were all in. We had a lot of trouble with poor cell service, so we struggled checking up on each other.

Huge American Flag outside Hyvee Shipping in Chariton.

When we finally got in, we were going to be lazy and order a pizza, but the wait was over two hours. As it was, by the time we got set up, cleaned up and a shuttle to town, we didn’t find food until after 9:00. We ended up with Gyros that we ate on the shuttle back to camp. They were excellent. No problems sleeping last night!!!

Unicorn sprinkler to ride through in Chariton.

We were up and on the road again early today. I’m was feeling some effects from yesterday, but still making it. Not as many stops and pictures yesterday. Well, actually quite a few stops, but too pooped to do much!

Lots of patriotic spirit with huge flags flying everywhere. This one was in Bloomfield.

Beautiful Davis County Courthouse in Bloomfield.

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