RAGBRAI ’19 – Wednesday Morning


I had a better day yesterday. It was a shorter day at only about 40 miles. Not sure how they measure because Toni says she always comes up with more mileage than what they state in the briefings – even without the screw-ups in directions…

We were frustrated in the morning because the first town was farther out than stated. We always wait for the first town for breakfast and we were starving by the time we got there. There weren’t even any options in the overnight town yesterday morning as we were leaving. They had cleared the streets for the events the night before and it was like a ghost town when we rode out first thing. The streets were still cleared of vehicles and there was a street sweeper out cleaning up debris. I was looking over my shoulder for Stephen King’s Langoliers!

RAGBRAI Riders don’t follow directions well…

We finally found a place for pancakes for breakfast when we got to the first town. Another fundraiser. That made things all better! Gave us a sugar rush to ride on for a while.

I always complain about the poor signage. We are always getting lost, particularly trying to find our way around the overnight towns. But as you can see to the left, at times it wouldn’t make any difference. People just follow the herd, right or wrong, no matter the sign…
We did more side trips yesterday and spent a couple hours at one of the towns watching a corn cannon and melon cannon among other things. The first stop for the Backpocket Brewing Company was at 9:00am, so we weren’t in the mood for beer before breakfast. One less tag on the wrist band. Ha!

Bathtub rides

The shorter day meant we were able to spend more time together too. Unfortunately we ride at different paces and one of us is always struggling to keep up with the other or off our pace trying to wait. Usually we ride together to the first town for breakfast, split up and then meet for lunch and again at the end. Since we’ve started visiting the beer tents, there have been more meet-ups during the day. Ha!

When we first started this, we used walkie-talkies to try and coordinate. Now with cell phones, we don’t do that, but sometimes the old way might be better. A lot of the rural areas have limited cell service. I usually try and call Kevin each night, but there are times when the calls won’t go through because the system is overloaded. Toni is having the same issues.

Corn Cannon shooting at bicycle targets

This is the corn cannon we saw yesterday (Left). There was also a melon cannon. (I put the melon cannon video up on Twitter.) I wondered about the corn cannon shooting at bicycles targets… With 30,000 bikers going through these small towns, there are no doubt some people that would love to take a shot at us! Everybody isn’t as nice as I am!  Particularly when I’m hungry and tired…

We took more time and did more sight seeing yesterday. We did eat late and were trying to not talk to anyway as we felt like Betty White and Abe Vigoda from the Snickers commercials, i,e. moving slow and grumpy because of being hungry. No shower drama at least. We were all set to hit one of the Churches for a Loaded Potato Bar that they had been promoting, but it closed at 6:30 and we didn’t get there until 6:37. That was a let down as Toni had been excited about that. We found a restaurant with a pizza and pasta bar deal that worked out well for us.

Came across this petting zoo at a farmers market type place

I took more pictures yesterday. I’ve got some of them here. I have also been posting some on twitter during the day if you are a twitter person:  https://twitter.com/BergerAud15

Today is going to be a long day. 87 miles. Toni was already struggling and walking up one of the hills, so that will make it rough for her. We’ve never taken the SAG Wagon, but there’s a first time for everything…

Found this barn with dried flowers stored in the hay mow

I liked this guy’s beard

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