Spring ’19 Newsletter

Happy Spring!

I hope you enjoy our newsletter, which I will try to get to you quarterly. Please note that I am having a Patient Appreciation event (see page 2) at the end of this month, which is Better Hearing and Speech Month.

Please join us on May 29th and bring a guest!  We would love to see you here!

The Newsletter will be sent out by email quarterly. Please email us at bergeraudiology@outlook.com if you would like to be added to our mailing list.

Senior Expo – 2018

If you’re not aware, the Marshall County Senior Expo will be at the Plymouth High School on Thursday, October 18th – 8:a.m. to 3 p.m. Come out and see me in Booth #26.  I will be providing free hearing screenings.

If you haven’t looked at the Senior Expo flyer that’s been in the newspapers, be sure to flip through it.. There is an article on hearing issues and the importance of seeing an Audiologist. I’ve seen it in the Plymouth Pilot and the Culver Citizen. Ask me why it’s important to see a Doctor of Audiology for your hearing needs. I’ll happily give you an earful! <pun intended> I’m passionate about my profession and the patients I serve.

Stretching My Doctorate…

Rebecca Berger, Doctor of Audiology

I am very proud of my AuD (Doctor of Audiology) designation. I often have to explain what it means. I have advanced degrees in Audiology. I am not just a technician that fits you with a hearing aid… I am trained in the theory and practice of how my equipment works, how hearing aids work (and don’t work!), the interaction of the hearing aid with various types of hearing loss, the interactions of various drugs with hearing as well as a myriad of other hearing related information. I also am trained to recognize the physical causes of your hearing loss that might require you to see a physician and possibly a specialist such as an ENT. I participate in yearly continuing education to maintain my license, advance my knowledge and keep current on the latest technology and practices that I can use to help my patients.

When a patient mistakes my degree for a medical degree, I am quick to correct them. I am not qualified or licensed to dispense specific medical advice outside my defined limits. I am not able to write prescriptions for medicines. I often recommend a visit to a patient’s family physician for further evaluation if I feel that there is a health issue that needs to be addressed in conjunction with the hearing loss. That said, I’ve been pressed into other roles this past month!

Lions Club Shelter at Centennial Park

I am a member of the Plymouth Lions Club. On Labor Day Weekend, I was one of the volunteers serving food, or more accurately, acting as cashier, for the Lions Club Fundraiser at the Blueberry Festival. A festival-goer came to the pavilion and asked if they could have a seat as they were not feeling well and the heat was affecting them. Seconds later, I found myself holding them, slumped in my arms, as they passed out and vomited. I took control, organized help to get her settled and directed calls to get her medical attention.

Pulaski Memorial Hospital

Our satellite office is at Pulaski Memorial Hospital in Winamac. I am there two days a month. On a recent day there, a staff member came into my office, distraught over a patient. I sat with them and comforted them until someone from the hospital could help. I often feel like a marriage counselor when dealing with spouses with hearing loss, but this was a bit outside my realm!

I’m sure my years of working with the Medical Doctors who were my previous employers helped me deal with these issues. Doctors Brooks, Kletzing, Saine and McTigue were all compassionate professionals, dedicated to their patients’ care. They set a great example and I respected them all. I was glad that I was able to step up in these recent situations when others were unable to do so. But it has also reaffirmed my understanding that everyone should have some basic emergency medical training. My Doctorate didn’t apply here, but my compassion and basic knowledge let me be a Good Samaritan when one was needed.

Thank you for voting us Best of Marshall County!

I want to thank everyone that voted for me as Best Audiologist in Marshall County and my office, Berger Audiology, as the #1 Audiology Office in Marshall County. I am honored by your support and I don’t take it lightly. I will strive to live up to this and continue to provide the best possible service to my community. I want to continue to be Your First Choice in Hearing Healthcare.


Rebecca Berger, Au.D.

2017 Senior Expo Follow-up

Berger Audiology Booth at the Marshall County Senior Expo

Thank you to all of you that stopped to see us at the Marshall County Senior Expo this year. The venue was a bit warm considering our September heatwave, but overall we heard good things. We were pleased to meet new people and in some cases put faces to names. We’re always pleased by the reception we receive at community service events such as this.

Screening Station

For those of you that couldn’t attend, we had several give-aways. (The golf balls we collect and share are always popular along with the candy and hearing related items.)

We were given space to do hearing screenings this year too. Lots of people took advantage of that. We hope they will benefit from the information. As discussed here before, this isn’t a true hearing test and isn’t near the quality of what we can do in the sound booth at Berger Audiology. Please feel free to stop by and check out our tech! But if you want a true hearing test, we ask that you make an appointment. The courtesy of an appointment makes it much more likely that you can be seen and given the appropriate time and attention.

Thank you again to all of you that visited with us. We hope you were pleased with the interaction and attention you received.

Lions Club Presentation

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking to the Culver Lions Club. There were lots of familiar faces which makes that easier. They were pleased to introduce me to the ones I didn’t know. I grew up in Leiters Ford, moving to Culver when I started high school. Leiters Ford was part of the Culver Community School System, so Culver has always been somewhat “home”.

They fed me a nice meal and then I spoke about various things I do and the differences between a Doctor of Audiology and a hearing aid dealer. It was well received and I got lots of good questions. I found out afterwards that there was another audiologist in the group, though she isn’t practicing. Probably best I found that out afterwards! Ha! Sometimes speaking in front of your peers can be daunting… Hopefully I got good marks!

I have given presentations like this to other groups, generally in nursing homes and senior centers. I appreciate the opportunity to educate them about their quality of life options. If you belong to a group that needs a speaker, please don’t hesitate to ask! I can taylor my presentation to your interests and time constraints. In the case of the Lions Club, they were a natural fit. The Lions often help with hearing aid exchanges and other assistance.


The Destinies of Those Who Signed…

The Destinies of Those Who Signed (click to Enlarge)

We see the romanticized portraits of those who signed the Declaration of Independence and really don’t consider what they risked to bring us the liberties that we enjoy.  They might well shudder with rage to see how easily we consider giving up those rights when it seems expedient to us.

Take a look at the excerpt (upper right) which lists some of the lessor known patriots who were signatory to the Declaration of Independence and the not so pleasant fates they met after signing the document that marked the birth of our nation.  Some lost their lives, some lost the lives of their families and some lost fortunes, all of which they pledged to the cause of Independence.

As July 4th rolls around on the calendar, all Americans should be cognizant of the sacrifices of the past as well as the sacrifices of those currently serving in our military to protect the rights and liberties we enjoy.  It did not end with declaring independence.  No, our independence had to be forcibly taken and now, just as they did then, we need to cherish it and fight to maintain it.

The except in the captioned box is taken from an essay on the signers of the Declaration of Independence by Rush H. Limbaugh Jr., distributed by the Federalist Magazine.

Printed with Permission from the Easterday Construction Blog

Make Marshall County Match Madness Stellar for Culver

When you donate to eligible endowment funds at the Marshall County Community Foundation on Thursday, May 25, 10% will be added to your gift! Do you need more reasons to donate? Here are mine…

I became a MCCF board member because I see the transformational work the MCCF accomplishes and knew some of the important community leaders that had served before me. Leaders such as Richard Ford, John Zeglis, Carolyn Kline and Barbara Winters. The privilege of working with them or following in their footsteps has been an honor. I strive to do justice to them.

I serve on the MCCF grants committee where I see how unrestricted funds are used to support causes in the community. Through this I’ve learned about many of the good people and organizations throughout our county that make a difference. I’ve been able to support fledgling groups like the Culver Community High School Archery Club and Culver Main Street get off the ground, and helped the Culver Boys and Girls Club and the Lake Maxinkuckee Environmental Council expand their mission. Do you love the West Pavilion on Lake Maxinkuckee? A MCCF grant helped restore that Culver treasure!

I also serve on the MCCF investment committee where I see the time, effort and careful consideration that goes into marshaling the Foundation’s funds to do the most good while keeping an eye on the conservation of their value.

I became a MCCF contributor for various reasons. I have given to the unrestricted fund to help support those groups that come before the grants committee. I have donated to dedicated funds that support causes with missions I believe in, such as Hospice and Habitat for Humanity. And finally, I have contributed to remember and honor friends. I served on the Culver Chamber of Commerce board of directors for over a decade and lost two friends who were fellow board members during that time. For that reason I have contributed to honor the memory of those friends, Ron Tusing and Marianne Ransdell, both of which have memorial funds that give scholarships to CCHS students.

For those of you familiar with Marshall County Community Foundation, you’ll see Marshall County Match Madness as an opportunity to make your charitable donation go further. For those of you unfamiliar with the Foundation, get to know them!

On Thursday, May 25, make sure to donate at: www.marshallcountycf.org and 10% will be added to your gift. Or, you can go to the Community Resource Center at 510 West Adams Street, Plymouth, and talk to nonprofits and MCCF staff and ask any questions you may have.

Remember, Marshall County Match Madness is on May 25. Let’s make this a stellar day for Culver!

Kevin L. Berger

MCCF Board Member

  • Reprinted with permission from the Easterday Construction Blog.

Best of Marshall County Winner

Did you see that I won Best Audiologist in Marshall County in the Pilot News contest? Pretty darn cool! Thanks to all of you that voted for me. I’m pretty proud of the award. I took out the ad on the right in the paper to thank voters, but I wanted to thank all of my social media peeps as well.

This was also my first chance to use my new profile picture in the ad. Hopefully you all like my new smiling image! You can see it in color here.