It’s Windy Today!

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You can imagine how often I run into this issue in this profession. When I give patients the word testing, it’s sometimes hard not to laugh when they tell me what they think they heard. I’ve had a few patients blush and tell me, “I can’t say that!” Trust me, there are no off-color words in the standard word list. If you hear something that you think is bad, it’s in your head!

How do I explain this differently???

I had a deer hunter in the office the other day. We did a hearing test. I showed him his audiogram with its peaks and valleys.There’s a strong likelihood that his hearing loss is due to his hunting hobby. Shotgun blasts next to unprotected ears are not recommended. We discussed this. We discussed hearing protection.

He purchased new hearing aids. He was thrilled with the results and then commented, “I bet I’ll be able to hear the deer rustling through the leaves again with these! Can’t wait until deer season to try them out!”

Ugh! How do I explain it differently? Having a hearing loss doesn’t make you immune to additional loss! That is unless you have pushed it to where you’re completely deaf…

Like the guy at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway wearing his hearing aids, there are times I’ll counsel you against wearing hearing aids too.