The Importance of a Sound Booth

Sound Booth being installed at Berger Audiology

Sound Booth being installed at Berger Audiology

One of the things I wanted to do when I started my own practice was upgrade to the best equipment to serve my patients. I did my research and invested in some of the best equipment on the market. In this post, I thought I would talk a bit about the importance of having your hearing tested in a sound booth, also know as an Audiometric test booth.

As you can see to the right, during installation, our booth was bolted to the concrete floor and isolated from the adjacent walls. The booth is double wall thickness with a sealed door and a separate ventilation system to isolate outside sound and distraction.

Patients tell me that the experience is completely different from what they have had with headphone-only testing. The experience is much more immersive and allows them to better concentrate on the testing.

Our booth is also set up with a built in computer monitor allowing me to show test results interactively immediately upon completion. This provides immediate feedback on the test, and for returning patients, the software has overlay capabilities that let me show graphic comparisons of current tests against previous tests. This allows the patient to see any changes in their hearing over time and gives me the opportunity to explain these changes..

Testing Booth Installation Being Completed at Berger Audiology

Testing Booth Installation Being Completed at Berger Audiology

I still use a portable audiometer for hearing screenings and you may have received a hearing screening from me at one of the Senior Expos or at another venue. While these are valuable first looks, they are nothing compared to the in depth information we can gather together through a complete hearing test in the booth at our office.

Come visit me so I can show you this and some of the other state of the art equipment I have to make sure your audiology experience is the best it can be. I look forward to the opportunity to showing you what a full service Audiology office can offer.

Dr. Rebecca Berger

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